A hymn…

Help us accept each other

As Christ accepted us;

teach us as sister, brother,

Each person to embrace.

Be present, Lord, among us,

And bring us to believe

We are ourselves accepted

And meant to love and live.

Teach us, O Lord, your lessons,

As in our daily life

We struggle to be human

And search for hope and faith.

Teach us to care for people,

For all, not just for some,

To love them as we find them,

Or as they may become.

Let your acceptance change us,

So that we may be moved

In living situations

To do the truth in love;

To practice your acceptance,

Until we know by heart

The table of forgiveness

And laughter’s healing art.

Lord, for today’s encounters

With all who are in need,

Who hunger for acceptance,

For righteousness and bread,

We need new eyes for seeing,

New hands for holding on;

Renew us with your Spirit;

Lord, free us, make us one!

Fred Kaan 

I came upon this hymn today in a book I didn’t know I owned, or at least didn’t recall that it was part of my library of spiritual and theological books. It’s a sort of book of retreats and will come in handy, I think, for retreats I’ll be planning in the future. This particular hymn seems apropos for our present time. So here it is. I don’t know the tune, but perhaps if you do an internet search you can find the transcript somewhere. I did link an obituary for the composer, Fred Kaan, above. He sounds like a lovely soul. I’m sorry he is gone from us. I’m sure his prayers for unity and acceptance of one another are fervent and strong around the throne.

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