A dear friend ‘nominated me’ for the 6 days “Life is Good” challenge on Facebook last week. I usually abstain from those types of things because I am not always diligent in doing the ‘however many days’ a challenge requires. But this was about posting things that give you joy and so I thought, “6? That’s easy!” and commenced with my photos. I was instructed to include no explanations for the photos and to then ‘nominate’ someone else each day to take on the 6 day challenge.

Today is the last day of my ‘life is good’ challenge. I know we’re not supposed to include explanations, but I have to say that the photo I chose represents our Army which my husband served in for 37 years. For much of that time he was around tanks. And he saw a lot of combat, too. It was his joy to serve the Nation and our Army. It was mine, too. This photo also encompasses our faith in God because that’s what our life is based on. God has seen us through many a trying time and still does. I know He always will.

Yes, life is good, but that’s because our God is Good. Jesus tells us in the Gospel of Luke, “To those who are given much, much is required.” And Sean and I were given so much joy in the journey. But my Soldier was also given immense amounts of responsibility in those later Army years which was a privilege. But with that responsibility we both carried a heavy burden for the Soldiers and the families we cared for. My husband carried much more than I did, of course, particularly . But I tried my best for the families under his charge.

For those who gave their “last full measure,” my Soldier and I are especially laden with sorrow and we make it our top priority, every day, to live our lives in such a way that we honor the sacrifices of these great heroes and that of their loved ones. We will never forget those who “laid such a costly sacrifice on the altar of freedom.” I think this is appropriate to bring attention to our nation’s fallen Military men and women today, as it’s the Memorial Day weekend. Though we remember them every day, my hope is that, at least once a year, the rest of America, those who don’t know any Gold Star families personally, or who have never worn a Military uniform or loved someone who did, that you will all remember and be grateful at least on Memorial Day.

And maybe more people can think about living your life to honor those who sacrificed everything for our Nation. I am comforted, as a believer in God’s promises, that there is an everlasting life that is so much better than even our best days here, even our days that brought us the most joy. My joys remind me that, indeed, life is good, but that everlasting life with the Father will be better than we can ever imagine.

#HonorTheSacrifice     #DrowningInLemonade

(Quotes from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and a letter to Mrs. Bixby.) 

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