He is Risen!

I am posting this entry from 2 years ago because….Easter! It still all holds true. But I added a great song from Mercyme at the end. So, please take a few minutes to read and then listen. And rejoice! Jesus Christ is risen today! Alleluia!!

Drowning in Lemonade

When I was in college I sang in a choir that performed an Easter song for our end of semester choral concert. No, it was not a particularly religious choir director/professor, nor was I attending a private, religious school. I learned during my time in the Music Department that musicians will sing a lot of songs of faith without having any belief in God at all.

But as a person of faith I was very pleased to sing a song about Jesus’ resurrection. I can’t recall the title of the song; nor can I recall the composer, unfortunately. I was probably about 19 years old at the time, so please forgive me. What I do remember is that it was a song from the point of view of Mary Magdalene who arrived at the grave of Jesus on the third day to find it empty.

The words were taken directly…

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Good Friday

I am sharing my meditations on one version of the Catholic Church's Stations of the Cross today. We traditionally observe this practice of meditating on Jesus' passion (suffering) and death every Friday during Lent. This year, of course, most of us were not able to do so in our churches, which is sad. But we … Continue reading Good Friday

Thy Will Be Done…

Sharing again on this Passion (or Palm) Sunday. We read from Matthew’s Gospel today, about the suffering and dying that Jesus experiences for our sake. Meditating on the Our Father seems appropriate. God bless us all with His peace & strength. Amen.

Drowning in Lemonade

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done…” We pray that all the time, if we’re believing Christians.  It’s part of the “Lord’s Prayer” or the “Our Father,” as we Catholics refer to the prayer. It’s vitally important because these are Jesus’ words to His disciples in response to their request that Jesus, “teach us how to pray.”

He also admonishes them not to go on and on with lots of extraneous words. A lot of us who pray extemporaneously could learn from that directive. Too often we try to give God very detailed directions on what He needs to do to take care of our requests to Him. But that’s silly. God knows what we need before we ask. He knows the desires of our hearts.

What we really need to do is say, “Lord, you know what I need and what I want. But I do NOT know what…

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