I admit it. I’m obsessed with roses. I have at least 15 rose bushes, of various colors, but mostly yellow, around our home. I just think they are amazingly beautiful. I have a lot more free time these days, as many of us do so I am using some of those moments to ponder God’s creation and just be grateful and appreciate things I see, hear, and touch. The birds singing outside sound soothing. The soft blanket on my lap this morning is so comforting. There is always something to be thankful for.

List your blessings

What are you grateful for today? Make a list. Maybe that can be one of your ‘shelter in place’ projects – write down every day something that happened or you did for which you thank God. And then, thank Him! It’s nice to do this in the evening, but I prefer the morning because I always tend to fall asleep as soon as my  head hits the pillow these days. Not sure why as I’m really much less active. Maybe it’s stress. Distress, that is.

(Di)Stress is not your friend

DiStress can cause fatigue, it can also cause forgetfulness, and hyperactivity. It can be hard to focus and hard to sit still to do anything productive. But try. And then use that energy for something that matters in your life and the lives of others. That’s EuStress. Be activated. God can help you get out of that chair, out of your house, out of your own head. Take a look at the link I just shared (DiStress). Maybe sit and look at a flower. It could be one in your own backyard or a neighbor’s. Or in a park. Go for a walk and see if you can find any. As a last resort, find one on line and let it fill your whole screen. Then ponder its loveliness and breathe. In and out, slowly and deliberately.

Just breathe…and pray

Maybe say in your mind, “Jesus, I trust in You” as you breathe in. And “I praise You and thank You” as you slowly breath out. He can hear you. God is omniscient! That means He knows everything. Don’t let that scare you. He is also all loving and merciful. God knows your heart, but like any good parent, God wants to hear from us. Tell God your troubles, tell Him your joys, tell Him your fears and your dreams. And don’t forget to thank God for your life. He is crazy about you! “Crazy in love,” St. Catherine of Siena tells us: “pazzo d’amore.” Let that sink in to your heart and mind.

Just think of that silly old dad who runs to embrace his ‘prodigal’ son, or the impractical shepherd who leaves 99 sheep behind to find the one lost sheep! That’s nuts! So, please don’t ever think you are alone or unloved. You are VERY lovable and deeply loved. And God wants you to have life and have it abundantly! Let God show you what to do next. What’s the next good thing? The “next right thing?” Even Anna in Frozen 2 figures that out. But just imagine how great it will be when God is directing your steps! Remember too that the right thing could be seemingly small. God does great things with small offerings. Don’t ever forget that.

“Little is much…”

Think of the mustard seed, the widow’s mite, the stone David used to bring down a freaking giant. And please remember the one insignificant, lost lamb mentioned above that the shepherd (Jesus) goes after…to save. We know it’s Jesus because He tells the disciples that He will never leave them or forsake them, that He will be with them always. That’s a Word for you and me, too. He’ll never leave us on our own. I’m little, I’m nothing. I know that. But I say “yes” to God and then move forward, trusting that He will do something with my measly efforts that are done with great love and with trust that God has a plan for our actions when we leave them to Him. Little is much for God.


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