I am sharing my meditations on one version of the Catholic Church’s Stations of the Cross today. We traditionally observe this practice of meditating on Jesus’ passion (suffering) and death every Friday during Lent. This year, of course, most of us were not able to do so in our churches, which is sad. But we could still contemplate what Jesus endured for our salvation in our homes and many families have done so.

But today I am posting a Stations that I composed several years ago at the request of a friend who is a member of the clergy. It was written with Soldiers in mind and, I have been told, a couple of Army Chaplains have actually used this with Soldiers during Lent. Differing from the traditional Stations, it is referred to as the Scriptural Way of the Cross and was shared for the first time by St. John Paul II in 1991. As the link states, this is not meant to invalidate the traditional Stations, but to “add nuance” to Christ’s suffering. It does include some traditional scenes from His tortuous journey on the Via Dolorosa (Way of Suffering) that leads Him to Calvary.

Presented as an option for your Good Friday spiritual practice with much love and unending gratitude for the Divine Mercy which Our Lord extends to each of us. Let us pray for one another during these trying times, but let us always remember to pray in thanksgiving for the Love and Grace and forgiveness of sins bestowed upon us by our Eternal God.

(Photo is a screen shot I took while watching daily Mass, Father Jason Smith presiding, on Instagram.)

A Soldier’s Way of the Cross

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