We’re all going through trying times right now. And, as is the way of the world, someone always is enduring a trial. Actually, lots of someones. We carry crosses and we wonder why? Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or an illness within our own bodies, or maybe it’s something emotional or psychological which we must endure, we all have a cross (or two) to bear.


Jesus is with us. Even in the fire, He is with us. One of my absolute favorite prayers is “Jesus, I trust in you.” A sweet cloistered nun from Krakow, Poland had visions of the Savior and He told her to write those words down and to share them. A woman living in an enclosed convent with little to no visitors from the outside world could not have known how her experiences and conversations with the Lord would ever reach anyone beyond those walls.

But they did. And how! St. Faustina’s visits with Jesus basically told of God’s unfathomable mercy and love for each of His children. In our trials and in our suffering, or the suffering of those we love, we’ve got to trust Jesus. But it does not end here. If we can have a true, deep relationship with the Lord, we can know that peace and joy of the certain hope that it doesn’t ever end here.

Believe and Know

It’s not about seeing, but about believing and believing can turn into knowing. Just like this song says (link below). Listen, pray, ask the Holy Spirit to open your heart and mind so that your wisdom and knowledge might increase. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you what’s next.

Another Polish saint I love and quote here is Maximilian Kolbe. He was arrested for taking in refugees, especially Jewish people, to save them from the Nazis during World War II. And he founded an order of Franciscan brothers who fought against injustice. For his efforts, which included newspapers and a radio broadcast, encouraging people and condemning the Nazis, he was imprisoned and eventually martyred. He died by an injection of carbolic acid when starving him was not working fast enough while in Auschwitz concentration camp. He was being executed (slowly, tortuously initially) for asking to take the place of a man who cried out that he had a wife and children.

Have courage – you’re God’s missionary

Here are words St. Maximilian said at his first arrest to his brothers in faith:

“Courage, my sons. Don’t you see that we are leaving on a mission? They pay our fare in the bargain. What a piece of good luck! The thing to do now is to pray well in order to win as many souls as possible.”

Be Light! Be Salt! Be Hope!

So let us pray as St. Max encouraged his brothers to pray: “pray well.” Pray with our lives! Be light – for those wandering and scared in the darkness. Be salt – for those who have no joy of the Lord for their strength. Be hope – for those who despair. And I will be praying with you.

Talk to God now. It doesn’t have to be fancy. No lofty words are necessary. God knows our heart, God knows our needs. Better than we do. We just have to start our end of the conversation. God has been waiting for us. Because He loves us more than we can ever comprehend. I’m praying, too!


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