There are times when we become more aware that God’s grace is all we truly need to get us through a crisis, emergency, or a tough period on life that seems never ending.

Tough Times Call For…Faith in God’s Grace

My husband deployed to war zones several times in his life as a Soldier in the U.S. Army. But one was particularly harrowing for us all and that is recounted in some detail from the homefront perspective in my book, Drowning In Lemonade – Reflections of an Army Wife. 

One of the things I have related many times as I began sharing my story during that extremely challenging time is that when asked by well-meaning individuals, “How are you doing?” I would say in reply, “I feel like I’m in a nightmare I can’t wake up from. How are you?”

A beautiful thing in a terrible time…

I truly felt like we were all walking through a haze, a heavy cloud that was weighing us all down. The only thing that got me through, not only in surviving, but in serving and finding creative solutions with the help of others in our community was the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was pouring God’s grace upon us and it was a beautiful thing in a terrible time. Here’s a great version of Matt Maher’s song about grace that ends with a few bars of “Here I Am, Lord.” The latter is a wonderful Catholic hymn based on Isaiah 6:8 and 1 Samuel 3. It’s about trusting God’s will and doing the will of the Father. It’s what Jesus calls God, Abba. He’s our dad – a provider, a stronghold, one we can hold onto, or more importantly, holds onto us.

God bless us with His peace, and bless us all in a Spirit of Cooperation and brotherly love. Here’s the song…


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