Wrote/posted this a year ago! I have added a couple of links within and some subheadings. Mainly, though, it seems very timely right now. So here it is again, with apologies to those who get my posts via email every time I post. But it’s been a year so maybe you don’t remember this one! God bless you all.

Drowning in Lemonade

Life’s journey has many ups and downs, as we all know. But we need the valleys to appreciate the mountaintops, right? We not only need them, we should be grateful for them. That sounds strange. Why would we want to be in a desolate, dark place ever? Who wouldn’t rather be in the glorious sunshine at the top of the mountain that is above the clouds that make the valley even more ominous? Who, indeed?

Much of the struggles in life make us who we are meant to be, I’ve discovered. How we react to those challenges decides if we become what God intended or something else, something less, sometimes something extremely disappointing.

Another Way

Difficult people can cause us to become defensive, or more forgiving. It’s a choice. A bad relationship can make us less trusting, or more willing to look at our own faults. An unpleasant task that…

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