On this Ash Wednesday, the start of our Lenten Journey, I just wanted to share this brief post I left on my Facebook page this morning. I felt I should share something on this momentous occasion.

…fasting, almsgiving and prayer are not about ‘making God happy.’ We do these things to make room for God in our hearts, to focus on God and the gifts we receive daily, to give of ourselves to others. This is what Jesus did. He gave of Himself to the point of death. We must recall that, be grateful for it, and always follow the Leader! Our deprivation allows us to focus on the yearning we truly should have for the Giver of all gifts, not on what we can’t have for a time. It brings us into solidarity with those who never have enough. These Lenten disciplines should lead us to greater generosity in remembering and caring for the ‘least of these.’ As Jesus informs us, when you do acts of charity (that means love) for them, you are caring for Him. Very cool. It could be argued that these sacrifices are cause for rejoicing. Let us fast, pray, and give joyfully. Easter Sunday is coming!

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