Today the Church celebrates the conversion of Saul of Tarsus. He becomes Paul the Apostle and he pretty much helps change the trajectory and the mission of the Way – (Christians). Paul gets that ALL nations should worship the one true King, Jesus Christ. It’s in the Old Testament, too, if you care to look. But some did not realize this or were so busy “building an airplane in flight,” (read-something really difficult in just bringing faithful Jewish people to the faith) that they didn’t have time to really contemplate a place at the table for the Gentiles. Paul got his marching orders from Christ and moved out. And how! Anyway, here’s the reflection I wrote about Paul a couple of years ago. It includes his conversion story which is why I’m sharing today. Also, not many people were reading/following my blog 2 years ago. So, hoping for a bigger audience! God bless you and thanks!

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