I heard this song this morning. Every Mile Mattered, Nicole Nordeman tells us. And I know it’s true. It all makes us who we are. Learn from mistakes, ask forgiveness for them. And please believe that God has forgiven you when you truly ask Him to when you truly are sorry.

And then move forward, rejoicing. My favorite line: “Mercy always finds a way To wrap your blisters up in grace.” Amen.

Count on God’s Grace

God’s grace and mercy go hand in hand in our lives. Grace breaks through and transforms our hearts because of mercy. God loves you just as you are right now. He doesn’t ask you to change so He will love you; He asks you to change because He loves you.

And God wants more for you. God wants to give you life and oh, so abundantly. Life in God is everlasting life with the Triune God. Triune-that’s Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

God wants us with Him always. He wants a relationship with you. You are God’s child, Jesus is your brother. You will find that the changes will come, once you turn your focus to God with intention and desire for Him in your life.

A Wild Ride

Once you start to talk with Him (that’s prayer) and start to know God, the changes in your life won’t be scary; they’ll bring joy and peace. Even when life is hard or frustrating or when you are asking ‘why.’

When you know God’s got you in the palm of His hand and that God loves everyone you love more than you can fathom, you will be surprised to find that you still have true peace within you. His merciful love brings God’s grace upon you. I can’t tell you what will happen next. That’s between God and you.

Start the next leg of your journey now with hope and with joy. Not going to promise it won’t be a wild ride. But I can promise that God will be with you through it all. I know that because Jesus tells us so in the Gospel. You will never be alone.

Every mile mattered, but so do the upcoming miles. Move forward with the knowledge that God will pull you through, even if you fall, by His grace. God will not let go of you.

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