This is a prayer I’ve been praying for over a decade. Because the US Military has had Troops deployed to hostile lands for a long time. The latest news with missiles flying into Iraq is disturbing, as is the deployment of thousands of Soldiers at one time. But the U.S. has had people in harm’s way non-stop for decades. So if this is the time for everyone to realize that, then I’m using it to get your attention and to ask you to pray. Together, let us turn to the Lord of all Creation, who loves us all, and ask for Divine assistance. Let us pray…

Dear Lord,
Please protect our deployed Soldiers. Heal the wounded, both
spiritually and physically. Bring those who have ‘laid down their
lives for their friends’ to Yourself. Comfort those who mourn.
Please give strength to the waiting, wounded, grieving and
anticipating families.
May there be peace in the world; ‘prosper the work’ of our Soldiers’
hands. ‘Do not let them be put to shame or let our enemies triumph
over us’. Have mercy on the victims of war. God bless our nation.
Give wisdom to our leaders-civilian and military, elected and
appointed- that they may govern in ways that are pleasing to You.
We ask all these things in Your Holy Name. Amen.

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