“Where there is no love, put love, and you will find love.” – St. John of the Cross

Amen, St. John! If there is nothing loving going on in a particular location, then show who ever is present what LOVE looks like! If there is no one being loving in a particular situation, then you be the one to LOVE! If there is someone who is in need of a kind word and compassion, LOVE them!

Don’t return a cruel word with cruelty. Answer with patience and mercy. Don’t respond to a rude comment with rudeness; say nothing at all or say something kind. Don’t leave someone who is angry, sad, or frustrated without some sort of loving gesture or word. Can’t think what to do? Say a prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the words to say. God can do that. Pray earnestly and in all humility and with great expectation. It will be done. It may be that you are prompted to ask if you could give that person a hug. Or if they would mind if you prayed for them. Or a million other things! The Holy Spirit is nothing if not creative!

But let’s try to follow in our Master’s footsteps and answer a wrathful action or comment with peace in our hearts and in our words and actions. I’m going to try to be more like this. I can only do it with God’s help. Pray for me, as I pray for you!

Advent Blessings as the Birth of our Savior rushes toward us!!!

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