OK, everybody! Here’s my latest favorite song! Three reasons: great lyrics, fun melody, fabulous message! I always need the music that accompanies the words that move me to be great. If they aren’t working together for the good of the whole, I lose interest fast.

And this little ditty is great from start to finish. Make sure you have a good sound system. The rhythm in this song is fabulous. You need to hear all the percussion instruments because then, like me, you’re going to want to dance.

Let’s talk about some of the lyrics. Starting with “This year’s felt like four seasons of winter.” Ever had a year like that? I sure have. But, what’s ‘the Reason to keep on believing?’ A God who loves you, He’s the answer for everything, really.

If that isn’t worth singing and dancing about, I don’t know what is. So, we can imagine “pulling back the curtain of heaven” to see how God’s in every second, every minute! Oh, and GOD put that hunger in your heart and soul. As St. Augustine says, “our hearts are restless until they rest in” God! Don’t let doubt creep in. When you feel like giving in, God’s love is the reason to keep on believing! He loved you into being and is with you. He is the peace, the hope, the rest, closer than the air you breathe. He is with you always.

So, rejoice and sing and dance. This song will help you to do that. Come on! Let’s get moving! And remember that God is watching, with delight and so much love that you can’t even imagine…

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