Sometimes I have trouble forgiving myself for past mistakes. You? Oh, and how we can begin to sink to the depths of self-pity and despair. But listen: we don’t have to go there!

You don’t have to go there! You are forgiven. Jesus forgave you and redeemed you. He forgives and redeems us all. So, who are you to keep holding a grudge against yourself? It makes no sense. Just go out there and be the person God made you to be. Don’t be afraid and don’t feel guilty. And, please, try to let go of the regret, too. Try to think of the moments when you fell as lessons you learned. You know, learning from mistakes is where wisdom comes from. It’s true! I don’t know if you have learned from the times you’ve failed yourself or someone else, or ultimately God. But if you have then you are a little wiser than you were before.

Your past may be a cautionary tale, but your ‘now’ and your future can be wonderful examples to other people. You can be a lesson in perseverance, in humility, in tenacity, in compassion, in growing stronger through adversity, in faith and trust in God, in a believer in God’s mercy. You can be a LOT of wonderful things. You ARE wonderful!

So, go ahead and forgive yourself as you have been forgiven by the God who loves you more than anyone else in the world or beyond! You are special, you are loved.

Here’s a song called History by one of my favorite Christian singers, Matthew West. I couldn’t find an official video so I am just sharing the link of one of the many versions that are out there for this recording. At least read the lyrics. It’s about the day that Love made history. Yup, that’s Jesus. He’s got your back. You never have to worry again.

But you do have to keep up a relationship with Him once you seek (and receive) His forgiveness. Jesus is not a doormat. He doesn’t forgive and then let you forget! You are in a relationship with Him and He deserves your love and your time. Everything else gets easier when you do that, even the crappy stuff that’s not and will never be fun. It will be easier and that’s because you will be joyful. Doesn’t mean you won’t suffer; just means Jesus is with you through it all. His grace will see you through.

Yesterday is history. Let it go! I will, too! I’m letting go of my yesterdays full of awful mistakes and so many things I wish I could take back. But I can’t. All I can do is ask for forgiveness, look to the Cross to see that I have been forgiven. And move out to be in relationship with God’s creation and with the Lord Himself. Let’s do this.

I’m praying for you! Yes, you!

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