I heard this song today while washing my kitchen floor. I love it! It’s from 2010 but
somehow I never heard it until now. It’s such a happy tune with very touching words. I suppose it’s a parent telling a child how special they are no matter what anyone else says to that child or how the world treats him or her. It is, simply, about unconditional love.
That’s what every child should expect from his or her parents. And home should be a place where the family is always happy to be together, where each member is accepted and appreciated for who they are.
A family, especially mom and dad, should know all the things that make their children special and those attributes, those gifts, should be celebrated. Children should know they’re loved when they are home or when they are far from home.  That’s what a real family should be like for a child.
Too many children don’t know that love at home and so they go out into the cold world and take their injured hearts and spirits with them, and then hurt others or themselves to ease their own pain. Or maybe because they don’t know any other way. If you don’t know you are loved, how can you love others?
That’s our role in life if we are willing to take up the challenge, to show others what love looks like. It starts in our families, but it moves out from there to friends, and then maybe to strangers. And, if we’re really taking up the task presented to us, we even love our enemies. But we can’t do that if we don’t know we’re loved.
We are loved by a God, who hopefully is reflected in our parents, who loves us as we are. Because God as Parent is so proud of each of us. God thinks we’re the finest “invention by far!”
So none of us should ever feel unloveable. Each of us is VERY lovable,  wanted, and a child of God. That gives each of us a dignity and worth no matter our situation.
My prayer is that we will not just see Jesus in everyone we meet, but especially within our own families. We are caring for Christ when we care for the “least of these.” And we can be Christ for others when we care for them. It’s kind of complicated, but it’s also very beautiful. Just like anyone, Jesus is multi-faceted. He is our Savior; then He also tells us that as members of the Body of Christ, we get to love with the same love God has for us.
That power that is within us, that Holy Spirit that God sent when His Son ascended gives us a power to love that strongly, that perfectly, that unconditionally.
Such grace is really too much to comprehend. Let’s just be grateful and joyful that we were created out of love. We are here to be loved and to love.
And one glorious day, when we get to go Home to Heaven, we will know complete joy and love. But till then, we can bring Heaven, the Kingdom, to earth by loving with Jesus’ love. Let Him love through you. Feel the power and the glory that is His. Because it’s ours, too. And maybe we need to tell someone that today.
To Me
Well it breaks my heart
Every time I see the world breaks yours in two
You know those lies ain’t true
But when you let ’em get to you
Being you is hard to be
I see
These days sticks and stones
Sound like paradise compared to those harsh words
They’d rather cut you down than hold you
But they don’t know you like I know you
If they did I know they’d see
Yes they’d see
To me you are
Heaven’s finest invention by far
So much brighter than the brightest star
What I’d give to make you see
Who you are to me
All your so called friends
Said they’d be there ’til the bitter end
Are gone
But I won’t be just like the others
I’m gonna show you my true colors
You can’t ever make me leave
No, no, I won’t ever leave
To me you are
Heaven’s finest invention by far
Even brighter than the brightest star
What I’d give to make you see
Who you are to me
When you laugh it’s my favorite song
And all the gray is gone
Every single time I see you smile
I just haven’t seen it in awhile
So go on and dream
Bigger dreams than this town’s ever seen before
There are just two kinds of people
One who say they are not able
And ones who change the world
And you’re gonna change the world
To me you are
Heaven’s finest invention by far
Even brighter than the brightest star
What I’d give to make you see
Who you are to me
To me
Source: LyricFind
Songwriters: Matthew West / Matthew Joseph West

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