This is me with my big brother, Mike. He used to tell people that he taught me how to slide into 2nd base and throw a football. I think he thought of me as his little brother when we were kids. Only 21 months apart, I looked up to him and wanted to do whatever he did just so I could hang out with him. It really helped me out a lot when I had a son years later and his dad wasn’t around much. I would play catch with Phil and even threw the football a time or two! As Mike grew older he experienced an amazing conversion that only the grace of God can explain. Mike loved his family fiercely and that love for Barbara and his four kids, their spouses and grandkids were second only to his love for the Lord. He transitioned Home to Heaven yesterday morning. We’re going to miss his quick wit, his ready laugh, and his huge heart . The countless people whose lives he touched as a true evangelist for Jesus and the Good News is impressive and a testament to the exemplary love he had for all God’s children. Mike would pray for anyone as soon as they shared their burdens with him. And so many did! He had a way of authentically showing his concern and genuine interest in the lives of anyone he met. As soon as he determined their need for prayer, he’d ask if he could pray for them. Right there, right now. And usually the person would say ‘Yes.’ And he’d place a hand on their shoulder or raise hands over their heads and pray aloud. An amazing way to evangelize to the lost, the confused, the hurting, the angry, the willful, the obstinate. Mike would disarm these folks with such obvious love and concern. He planted seeds, he led people to the Lord, he was never embarrassed or hesitant to share his faith with others. God is love and the love of God flowed through him. We’re a little lost now. And so sad because his missing presence leaves a large hole in the lives of those who love him. But we rejoice in our trust in God’s promises. We will meet again one glorious day. Until then Mike’s singing with the angels, praising God around the Throne! How awesome is that? Please say a prayer for our lovely sister-in-law, who will miss Mike the most. Give Mom a hug from us, Mike. Love you!

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