If you’ve been following me for more than a couple of weeks you know I love my contemporary Christian songs. Here’s the latest. It’s called Why God by Austin French. Watch the video. It’s very moving. Love the song, of course. I actually like his little monologue prior to the music video the best. When Austin speaks about being a father himself and loving the “Why” questions from his little boy, that’s moving and a perfect explanation. How wonderful to discover that, analogously, God, our heavenly Father not only can ‘take’ it when we question Him, but He actually delights in our questions so He can answer. He can show us how much He loves us, what He’s done for us, and the continuing grace that we receive from those past actions.

His Sacrifice was His All for all of us. So go ahead and ask God “Why?” And then expect an answer. That’s something else you’ll hear from me if you talk to me or read my blog for any length of time. Because I believe that God is always communicating with us. It’s just that most of us aren’t paying attention to His voice. Or worse, we’re not even aware that God is speaking to us. Through His Word. Whether that Word is Jesus or through someone we just met, He’s going to respond to our questions and concerns.

I don’t have all the answers to life’s question by a long shot. Who does? And for some things there won’t be an answer this side of Heaven. But we get to ask; God wants us to ask. If you read the Psalms, you’ll find a lot of questioning of God. Why me? Why this? Where are You? When will you deliver us? How much longer can I take this? If it’s in your heart or in your thoughts God already knows your question. You may as well ask it. You might as well say it. You can be angry; you can be scared; you can be so very sad. God wants all of it. Again, consider the earthly loving mom or dad who wants to know what is troubling their child. It’s like that. Only bigger, deeper, wider. You could even say it’s eternal, unending, perfect.

Our earthly parents will want all of that out of love. Try to imagine how much more God yearns to hear from you, whatever is troubling you or whatever is causing you to grieve or frighten you or frustrate you, or cause doubt. He wants to hear it from you. He wants to comfort you. He wants you to know the peace only He can give you. He wants to pour His grace out upon you. Talk to God. Oh, it will be great if you can praise Him and thank Him for the blessings in your life. But until you can get there, He wants whatever you can dish out.

Go ahead. Ask, “Why, God?” The “why” is the crucial question and the answer to ‘why’ is the ultimate answer. Sometimes you’ll get only a glimpse or a whisper. Sometimes you’ll get a definitive answer or a definitive experience of peace or understanding of His love for you. Don’t give up. Keep asking. And keep believing that He loves you. More than you could ever know. God is with you and wants to accompany you, wipe away your tears, settle your troubled soul, re-orient your wandering heart toward Home.

Then you won’t need the answer to your questions. Knowing He’s there loving you will be enough. For now. But one day, one glorious day, it will all be clear to you and you will only be grateful and you will only be able to rejoice and be glad for you will be enveloped and drowning in Love and Grace and Mercy! Doesn’t that sound Heavenly?

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