My latest entry is up on the Women in the New Evangelization website! WINE is a fabulous initiative to get Catholic Women together to learn and grow in their faith, and to evangelize to others who do not know God or the faith, even if they were raised in it! It happens, believe me! I was not catechized well back in the ’60’s-’70’s. Don’t blame my folks; don’t blame anyone, really. It just was the way things were back then! A lot of change left a lot of us under-educated about the “why” of our faith. And so now we have the answers to many of the questions that we never even thought to ask, as well as the more common concerns. Anyway, I invite you to read my entry by clicking/tapping on the link below. And also to consider supporting WINE so they can continue to do their great job of evangelizing and encouraging! Thanks and God bless!

“Jesus, I Trust In You”

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