In the mid-1990’s Christian singer/songwriter Rich Mullins released this song based on the Apostle’s Creed. It’s a beautiful song and I am including the link to the YouTube video here.

What do you believe? Can you defend that belief, if you have to? Can you share that belief as Christ wants us to do, so, I guess as we ‘have’ to do? Jesus didn’t ask His Apostles, “Please, would you consider going to make disciples all over the world?” He states unequivocally, “Go, make disciples…” It’s an order.

He wants them and us to go tell the story of our Salvation to the world. Wherever we are, whoever we’re with. Whenever He presents us with the opportunity. I confess I’m really bad at that. Or at least, I think I am. A statement of faith like the Creed can make me braver, more encouraged to speak out. I’m praying for the grace to do that better. By that I mean, more enthusiastically instead of timidly, more sure of myself than doubting. I think I need to remember that I don’t have to worry about my own abilities, but to rely on the infinitely perfect strength, grace, and peace of the Holy Spirit.

That Holy Spirit that lives inside of me and, I hope, you. Let God take over and ‘steal the show.’ Numbers who hear won’t matter; your personal eloquence or lack thereof won’t matter. It’s about allowing God to work through you, to love through you, to make you His instrument. You won’t lose yourself; you’ll finally be who you were meant to be.

That’s what I believe anyway.


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