Today’s Gospel reading includes this passage from Matthew 18:12-14 about the one lost sheep who the Shepherd goes in search of. In listening to this story about a shepherd leaving 99 other sheep undefended to chase down the one who is lost, we are meant to see just how much God loves each one of us.

Bishop Robert Barron, Word on Fire founder, in his reflection of this passage today, tells us that St. Catherine of Siena said that the Creator of everything – Who is Being Itself, and Who sustains us all and everything we see and don’t see – is “crazy in love” with each human being as if each one of us were the only one.

That is beyond comprehension for me, as is so much of our understanding of God. But it’s a fabulously comforting idea at the same time. We can be full of awe and wonder at the same time; in fact, where God is concerned, that’s how we should be.

I am including a blog post of mine from last year. I wrote it in early May of 2018 because of an amazing song that was on Christian radio a lot back then. That song, Reckless Love, is based on this short Scripture quote of Jesus explaining how much the Father, His Father, loves us.

Please read and listen to the Cory Asbury song available on YouTube because it’s beautiful. Blessings & thanks! (You may have to ‘cut and paste’ the link below into your browser!)


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