Yesterday I was texting with my siblings about humble work, manual labor, unnoticed actions that some might find beneath their intellect or abilities or education. Or all 3. But if it’s necessary and it’s done with love and an understanding that God is glorified when we do everything for Him, it’s worthy of our time and efforts.

I firmly believe that. Any mother who has cleaned up after a sick child, or been up all night with a screaming child, or washed countless loads of her kids’ or her husband’s soiled clothing knows that some work must be done. If we do it willingly, if we do it lovingly, if we consciously offer all our efforts, and all we experience up to God, remembering His presence, His love, His mercy, and we do it for His glory, it’s all much more meaningful and doable.

The accompanying photo for today sums it up beautifully, I think. The Sister of the “Little Way,” St. Terese of Lisieux, understood well that, with love for God and our brothers and sisters, we find true contentment and everything we do is meaningful.

Our efforts for the Kingdom, here and now, and in the world to come, matter if we choose to intentionally enter into every activity during our day. Yes, we have time for relaxation and pleasure, too. But even those glorify God if we do them gratefully and in a manner that is pleasing to God. Any good we experience, produce, or enter into, is of God. Because He made everything and called it good.

We can only find that peace and contentment in any circumstance by God’s grace. Grace! There it is again. I’ve written about it more than once in this blog and I know I will again. With the Grace of God, we can be brave, like the song in the link below describes. When we accept God’s grace and live inside of it, we know God’s got this, whatever ‘this’ is. That makes us brave.

And that’s the secret…accepting God’s grace. When we realize that God is beholding us every second of our existence, with a loving gaze beyond comprehension, that’s when our lives change. And for the better. No matter what you’re going through, God is with you. Let Him in so the Spirit of the “Champion of Heaven” can live within you, too. You are never alone. And as you know you are loved, the gratitude can never be expressed and never ends.

If you’re crying, God’s catching all your tears and He weeps, as well. If you’re happy because you are loved and with people who love you, God laughs with you. If you are in indescribable pain, God is in anguish, too. That all loving gaze is always concentrated on you. Don’t doubt it; rejoice in it; be grateful for it.

If you’re working a thankless job and don’t believe anyone appreciates you or knows how frustrating your life is, God does. He loves you more than very much, more than you will ever know this side of Heaven. And He knows when the most humble act is done out of love for Him, or your neighbor. He will never leave you or forsake you. He’s made a way for us to be with Him. Jesus is the Way. Let Him in; He’s knocking on the door. The One who made the moon and the stars and all of Creation, loved you into being and is gazing on you right now, is waiting patiently for you to let Him in. If that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will…

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