I recently read a letter attributed to St. Teresa of Calcutta, yes, Mother Teresa; it’s a plea from Jesus to “enter in.” In a unique perspective, she speaks as Jesus and wants us to know that HE thirsts for us. He thirsts for me. He thirsts for you. The letter is written in the first person, so she obviously composed it for us to contemplate the vastness, the unlimited love of God for each of us.

Enter in. I contemplate this request and that’s when Lauren Daigle’s song, “Rebel Heart,” comes to my mind. We all have rebel hearts. Some of us already have given them to Jesus and so they no longer struggle against beating solely for Him. But many of us, maybe even most of us, aren’t there yet.

Read the prayer. Read it again. Listen to the song. Make it your prayer. We have to stop fighting and let God in, invite Him graciously, thankfully, rightly, justly, into our hearts. And stop the madness of trying to live for ourselves and by ourselves.

Here’s the link to the prayer; here’s the link to the song. Two women of faith from very different worlds who both love God like we all need to love God. I am grateful to have stumbled upon both of these over the past week. I hope they bless you as they’ve blessed me!

“I Thirst For You” – A Letter From Mother Teresa


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