When ever Troops are killed in action (combat zones), I usually curse upon learning of the losses. It’s not very pretty or classy, I suppose, but it’s my honest reaction. I used to do that when Sean would notify me of deaths in our unit when he was a Brigade Commander, too. That visceral response was followed quickly by prayers for the repose of their souls and of comfort for the grieving families, including their comrades-in-arms who also were mourning.

And that’s what I do to this day, every time. I wish things could be different; I wish this were over. But there are too many emotions and too many thoughts jumbled up in my troubled mind and soul, so I simply ask, Let us pray…for peace, the peace that passes all understanding, for more of us turning to the Lord in our pain and confusion, for a strong and certain hope in God’s promises. “Every tear will be wiped away.” And “I go to prepare a place for you.” And “I have come to give you life and give it more abundantly.”

This world is not our Home; we are pilgrims passing through. I cling to this and I hope many others do or will, as well. Break our hearts, Lord, for what breaks Yours! We have to pray for conversion from the ways of hatred and destruction to the Way of love and life…

*   The title is excerpt from Jeremiah 29:11, New American Bible

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