I wrote this when I was still an Active Duty Army wife. I think, though I can’t be sure, that I wrote it during one of my husband’s many deployments to dangerous places. I think it’s obvious when you read it why I wrote it. Sometimes you need to remind yourself of some basic truths. Or I do! I need to reaffirm what I believe and just know it in my deepest self, in my heart and soul. So, here you go! I’m glad I found this. Retirement has really given me time to look through a lot of my old notebooks and files on the computer, too. Even on floppy disks I have had for a couple of decades! And this is one of the pieces I found. May it encourage you. May it strengthen your resolve to be the best supporter of your spouse that you can be. May you remember fondly and with gratitude that God loves you both. Turn to the Lord, rely on God. It really is the “better way.” 

Love binds us together

It overcomes despair

Joins across miles

Endures beyond time

Abides in Heaven

Reaches down to earth

Sees through the clouds

Rejoices in our happiness

Comforts in our sorrow

Marries two hearts

Cannot be destroyed

Is everlasting

Reunites in eternity

Love is of God

God is Love

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