“And how does this happen to me…?” – Elizabeth in Luke’s Gospel

“How can this be…?” – Mary in Luke’s Gospel

I love that the two holy women featured at the beginning of Luke’s Gospel both ask questions about God working in their lives. First, let’s consider Mary, upon the angel Gabriel announcing that she has been chosen to conceive and bear a Son, the Son, God with us..

She receives and accepts the invitation to be the Mother of God, but she does wonder, “How can this be?” The prime example that it’s OK to ask God (or His messenger) a question. We don’t have to blindly accept things without clarification or explanation. Good to know.

Elizabeth is concerned about the reason for Mary’s visit during her own unforeseen pregnancy. Moved by the Holy Spirit, not only does baby John the Baptist “leap” within Elizabeth’s womb, but she is inspired to ask how this visit of “the mother of my Lord” came to be. The words, ‘Life is full of surprises’ is an understatement in this instance.

Uncertainty overshadows the joyful moments in the lives of these two women. And from these exemplary individuals we learn that not fully knowing or grasping every aspect of a situation in life does not mean you can’t move forward. It doesn’t mean you can’t say “yes” to God. Trust is imperative in those moments of uncertainty. In those moments when we know God is calling you to something new, we need to trust that we’re taken care of. God’s got a plan.

It isn’t necessary to see all the way to the end. We just need to show up for duty and follow our Leader wherever He wants us to go. And remember that it’s OK to ask questions of God when you’re not sure of the situation. He will give you the answer. It might be through someone else’s words or it might be through His Word, God’s Word, in Scripture. It might be in a sense of peace in our inmost being. But you’ll get some kind of answer if you seek it. It might be half way through the situation you’re in. It might be at the very end of it. If you never get the answer, take heart in knowing that in Heaven, all mysteries will be revealed. We just have to trust.

Here’s a song about trusting God even in the chaos and madness of this life. My favorite lyrics:

Tune my heart to your beat / Let me be your melody / Even when I cannot see / What you’re orchestrating / Even when the dark surrounds / You’ll never let me drown / I know that my hope is found In the name of Jesus

Our hope is found in Jesus. Mary and Elizabeth knew that, too. Maybe not fully, not yet, at this point in the story. But they will.





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