This morning as I was getting ready for the day I accidentally knocked over the angel encased in a clear plastic case and tied up with a yellow ribbon that is pictured above. This was a gift to me from a dear Army sister that I received 13 years ago in the midst of my husband’s 6th deployment and one of his, if not his most trying, time away in combat.

The inscription on the angel’s wing is, “You are in my heart and in my prayers.”  While I do believe she was praying for me, I also believe the words are meant for the deployed Soldier as the yellow ribbon around the angel’s waist and the box indicate that wonderful Cavalry tradition of a sweetheart wearing a yellow ribbon for her Trooper when his duties took him into harm’s way. She and I were both Armor/Cavalry wives so this made the perfect gift.

In front of this angel which sits on my dresser, there is a small ‘perpetual reflection calendar’ that has a Scripture quote, a Greek word from that Scripture translated to modern English, and a short reflection for each day.  I love it as it was a gift from some other Army sisters who know of my interest in learning the Greek meanings of words that we read in our Bibles today. Knowing the original meaning results in a richer and deeper understanding for the reader.  These thoughtful Soldiers’ wives gave this gift to me as my husband was preparing to retire after 37 years in the Army. And as I looked forward to finally finishing my graduate degree in Theology. That had to take a ‘backseat’ to many more urgent Army family matters over the years. So, once again, a perfect gift!

Today’s word is “huperecho” which is defined as transcend, outdo, surpass, excellence, rise above, go beyond and over the top. The quote is from the Letter to the Philippians, 4:7. “And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”  

God’s peace transcends ALL understanding. And that calms and protects our hearts and minds. We need to ask for that kind of peace. That amazing peace that I sought when my husband was deployed to a war zone along with his brigade of Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, and Navy Seals. Those angels that I prayed around him and all of them every day, are beautifully represented in that angel wrapped in a yellow ribbon.

The peace we need is a grace from God, a gift that we should ask for and we will receive because that’s what Jesus promised us. Ask, and you will receive. It’s all about spiritual gifts, and the virtues of faith, hope, and love. We can have them if we just ask, and gratefully, gracefully, receive them!

I’m asking, Lord. If you’re reading this, won’t you join me? It’s never too late. It’s always needed. I thank You, God Almighty, for friends like these generous women, and most importantly, for having You in my life. I am thankful that you continue to surprise me, inspire me, and give me insights from seemingly inconsequential moments like accidentally knocking over an object that’s been on my dresser in many different homes over the past 13 years. But today, I needed this. It was both a reminder of beautiful gifts past and of excellent gifts I can always have access to from our generous, all-loving, all-knowing God.

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