This song (video link below) is a companion piece for yesterday’s blog entry for teens. I love that it’s a young girl dancing and painting a picture at the same time. Our actions, even our failures, can bring us and others closer to Christ. God will use everything we give Him to bring people to Himself. He can sanctify anything; His grace is sufficient for us, to paraphrase St. Paul. (2 Cor, 12:9) We don’t have to be perfect; we just have to trust and allow the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to be perfect within us. That’s when all the good things get done. It’s not us; it’s never us. It is the power of the Resurrected Christ within us that loves through us, that brings other to the Lord, that gives us joy even when things seem darkest. We just have to let Him in. We just have to rely completely on the Love we possess and the Grace He provides. It’s about surrendering because we trust and that gives us hope. And, to quote St. Paul again, “hope does not disappoint.” (Romans, 5:5)

And because Jesus dwells within, we are truly never alone…So our souls can rest in Him.


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