never waiting

always trying – always moving

The path cannot be known

but if it’s followed

leads to a place

of beauty and peace

The path dips and turns,

races up, then

slides down and

over –

From above

it is an intricate design

perfect, graceful,


But the workers

in the fields

seeing none of this

have only the hope

of seeing their paths one day

from above

And so they continue to

strive, to hope,

they invite others who

wait along the path,

gazing out at the fields,

to join them

The worker’s fields

are a patchwork

outlined by the paths

that run through

the very heart

of them

When the workers

bring in

the harvest

they will

 come from

the fields where they’ve

toiled so long

to the path

to see,

to find the reality

of the hope

and grace

that has sustained them

2 thoughts on “The Workers

  1. Beautiful!! Can I use it? Love Lisa

    Friendship is the source of the greatest pleasures, and without friends even the most agreeable pursuits become tedious.” — St. Thomas Aquinas



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