Here’s a poem I wrote as a gift for a friend many years ago. I gave it to her as part of the gift at her baby shower for baby #1. And I have shared it since with my own daughter when she was expecting her first baby! Kind of ‘advice from the kid before the kid knows what they need.’ I have a very vivid imagination. And I remember being a kid…Written with love for all the young moms and dads who are a little uncertain about the future with a new little one they are now responsible for and who they love more than they ever thought possible…

Words From A Little Child

Love me, feed me, hold me, bathe me, rock me to sleep, sing me songs,

tell me stories.

Give me security, show me how to live.

Let me cry, let me read to you, let me tell you stories.

Really listen.

Be the tooth fairy, be Santa Claus, be worthy of my faith in you.

Make me try, challenge me.

Love me enough to let me fail, fall, get frustrated sometimes.

But then, be there to console me, to give me a hand up,

to let me spew forth a litany of why life’s unfair.

Tell me no, make me mad, tell me yes.

Surprise me, be patient, be strong.

Show me who God is, tell me who God is.

Pray with me.

Hold me in  your heart forever.

Forgive me when I’m sorry, and even those times when I’m not.

Love me.

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