I finally found it! This little candle and holder were a gift to me in 1990. It was Christmas time and I was a volunteer at the 3rd ACR museum on Ft. Bliss. The volunteer coordinator gave this set to all the volunteers. Sean was deployed to Operation Desert Storm. The tiny yellow ribbon around the candle and the camel stenciled on the block of wood were nice touches. This has great sentimental value to me. A piece of wood, a bit of ribbon, and the simplest and smallest taper candle-but it meant the world to me 28 years ago and still is a favorite. Sometimes the smallest gestures mean the most. So thoughtful, but the Army Spouse who gave it to us, herself a volunteer, probably rarely, if ever, thought about it again. To that young Captain’s wife (me!), it was and is so special. I couldn’t find the yellow ribbon-trimmed candle as we were unpacking the past two or so days. Tonight, it just sort of popped out at me. I was trying not to be inordinately sad at the thought of losing it. It is just a thing, after all. But, oh the memories! Yay!

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