A couple of weeks ago I alluded to a poem I had written where I described someone’s embodiment of joy. So much joy she couldn’t contain it. I wrote the poem after a FaceTime session with our oldest grandchild. She was probably about 2 years old at the time. She’ll be 6 very soon. I found the poem’s draft in one of my many notebooks full of my musings, partial drafts, ideas for essays, stories, and poems during our most recent move. But this one, I recently finished. I decided to share it here. She’s as amazing as ever. Here you go…

Such beauty

As only a child can reveal.

Wonder and astonishment,

Honesty and trust.

Saying things

And doing things

That make us laugh.

That make her laugh.

So much joy she can’t

Sit still, she can’t stand still.

She gallops around, up and down,

Colliding with furniture,

Before our eyes, then out of the room.

How can one tiny body contain

Such joy?

She can’t.

It shoots out

Like a geyser into the world and we are

All covered in joy!


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