“You are a verb!” I read that the other day. I think it’s about one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever seen. That means that the ‘verb’ didn’t just say things, but she also did things. It’s something like, “walking the walk” not just “talking the talk.” So it was a lovely compliment and I would love to be thought of that way.

I’m not always as active as I want to be. Sometimes I can be downright lazy! And that’s not easy to admit, but it’s true. I do believe we need time to rest, but even our rest can be productive, I think. Laziness is scrolling through Facebook for too much of my free time. (More often than I should!)  Or watching another Hallmark movie when I should just go to bed! Yes, even staying awake to watch a silly TV show can be lazy when you should be sleeping to prepare your mind and body for another day. I’ll be much more productive and energetic the next day if I sleep a couple of more hours the night before. So that is when we can view sleep as productive. It is certainly restorative. We know this is true physiologically, for sure.

So, let’s be verbs! Not just moving around for the sake of feeling busy, or just as bad, looking busy! Let’s be verbs who are intentional and focused in our actions. Let us give, share, welcome, instruct, inform, hug, smile, forgive, love! In doing those things, we are truly living as verbs! Let’s volunteer, work, encourage, appreciate, laugh, cry, pray, sing, worship!

Everything can be active, movement in a positive direction! And then, sometimes, we do rest, but that’s a verb, also! And, as stated above, it is also for a purpose. I guess we could just say live a life of purpose! Hope, praise, worship, adore, bless the Lord for all our gifts, beginning with our amazing gift of life!

That simple phrase of praise to a friend: “You are a verb!” inspired all of the above. I guess thinking, contemplating, forming thoughts to write down and communicate also make me a verb. I’m going to try really hard to always be a verb and not just a static, non-productive, stuck in one place, boring, silent noun. Even if you never move from your hometown, like I got to do as an Army wife, you don’t have to be ‘stuck’ where you are if you continue to grow, to learn, and to challenge yourself, to work to improve the lives of others or just let them know they’re loved!

God bless the verbs!

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