We read the words “But I trust in your mercy” near the end of Psalm 13, predominantly a lamentation. The psalmist basically relates how hard his life is. He’s recounting the persecution and oppressions in his life to God. As if God didn’t know already. But that’s the kind of relationship they have. It’s very sweet, actually. This psalm, and many others, show us how we can tell God anything. We can bring anything to Him, even our grousing about how hard our lives are. Although God already knows, it makes us feel better sometimes. And He understands that, of course.

It’s analogous to a marriage in that respect. You want your spouse to tell you when they’re feeling bad and when they’re happy. In the case of our omniscient God, it doesn’t matter that He already knows. No sense trying to hide things from God anyway precisely because of that omniscience! He knows our thoughts and our hearts. What’s the use in trying to hide anything we’re thinking or feeling from God?

I was reminded in reading the 13th Psalm’s verse quoted above of the amazing words in the Book of Lamentations, fittingly, which announces that God’s acts of mercy are renewed each morning.  The writer in both Scripture selections expresses hope and is encouraged by the fact that God’s mercy is available even in the most challenging of our life experiences.

So we can lament on occasion, because we’re human and it feels good to ‘vent.’ But then we must remember to be grateful and encouraged when we recall that God is merciful, every day of our lives. And that’s a very good thing because we need Him to be!

The Lamentations verse reminds me of the Revelation scripture announcing that God makes ALL things new! God is timeless and eternal, without beginning or end. He is ever new, eternally young. His acts of mercy will be renewed just like everything else the Lord has made. So of course His mercy is new and of course we can trust in that mercy as the psalmist does in Psalm 13. Hallelujah!

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