Psalm 6 asks God the question, “How long?” How long must I wait? Seems like I am often waiting. But the irony is, I don’t have to wait for God. God has always been ever patiently waiting for me!

I need to surrender to Him, that’s all. Give it all to Him, my life, my dreams, my desires, my fears, my ‘needs’ that too many times should be in the desire category. I can be so selfish. I can be so short sighted or, worse, blind. Often. Too often.

So, how long must I wait? As long as I decide. Isn’t that something? Enough to take my breath away. But when I begin to breathe again, let it be a breathing in of the Spirit of God. Breathing out the things that are not of God, leaving more room for the Holy Spirit.

The psalmist asks God to heal him and he is “shuddering” out of grief and fear. Some might characterize it as “shaking like a leaf.” He wants the Lord to deliver him from his enemies and make him whole and strong again. And God is more than capable, but with our cooperation only.

All those things I listed above that I’ve been hanging on to, refusing to let go? Those keep me from being whole and strong. All I really need is God’s love and letting Him in will give me the strength I long for. It’s His strength, “Resurrection power” just like Jesus had and has to this day.

That’s inside of me if I just let go. Today’s the day. Let’s do this! Here’s a song that I have loved for over a decade but a newer version. The original by Rich Mullins is also wonderful, but I’m a fan of Big Daddy Weave so I’m sharing that song today.

Happy Monday! Happy October! Joyous Life!

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