“You, Lord, are a shield around me;

My glory, You keep my head high.” – Psalm 3:4

What an encouraging thought. When you’re being attacked, maybe not physically, but with dishonest accusations or disparaging lies of any kind, God is with you. When you live with God’s grace and know of His love and mercy. When you are on the right side, the side of the thoroughly good, when you rely on God, you can glory in the Lord. No matter what the critics or the enemies may say or do to you.

That’s why you don’t have to bow your head in shame. Because there is nothing to be ashamed of. God smiles on you and the “harder right” that you have chosen. Though this psalm speaks of harming the enemy, it’s really much more about living our best lives because we follow God. No matter what we’re experiencing, no matter how frustrating or upsetting. No matter how long the pain or upheaval lasts in our lives.

We can look to Jesus and recall His suffering, very real and very physical as well as emotional and spiritual. Everything He went through, He did for us. We know He dies and rises for our salvation. So then we can say, with complete peace within and even with gratitude in our hearts, the final words of this psalm:

“Salvation is from the LORD!

May your blessing be upon your people!”

We’ve got the Ultimate Champion fighting for us. We know He wins, no matter what our current realities may be. Love wins. Wait for the end of the story. I am confident in this. All endings are always beginnings for what’s next. And for believers we can find joy and peace in the familiar words, “And they lived happily ever after.” For they are gloriously true.

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