“Where sin increased, grace overflowed all the more…” – Romans 5:20

This is something Paul asserts based on our salvation history. And one of the most encouraging, life affirming truths I’ve ever pondered.

Sin will never win. Evil may win skirmishes, but will not win the war or even the major battles. Pardon the military allusion, but it’s important to think strategically and not merely tactically.

Tactics are short term, individual or small group actions. Strategy is long view, large organization planning and is what leads to victory. As we look back on salvation history, we can clearly see that God has the extremely long view. It begins centuries ago and moves forward slowly, but methodically and with purpose.

And it is obvious to the person who is paying attention that grace continues to overflow even as sin seems to increase. That was true with Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection when grace rushed in and saved us; that is still true for those of us who accept Jesus as our Savior and let His life take over ours. It’s not about being less ‘me,’ it’s about being more like Him. It’s about being grafted onto His body, becoming heirs with Him of the Father’s incredible, limitless riches.

Jesus promises in Scripture to be with us till the end of time. If we believe Him, trust Him, rely on Him, surrender to Him – that’s overflowing grace. Here’s a quote from a very wise, good man about that very thing. Read it and weep. Weep out of relief and out of gratitude and maybe a little bit of regret that it took so long to receive this reality.

“To the extent that we abandon our personality to Him, He will take possession of our will and work in us. We are no longer ruled by commands coming from the outside, as from a cruel master, but by almost imperceptible suggestions that rise up from within. We feel as if we had wanted all along to do those things He suggests to us; we are never conscious of being under command. Thus our service to Him becomes the highest form of liberty, for it is always easy to do something for the one we love.”
— Fulton J. Sheen

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