What follows is a prayer I composed about 14 years ago. I still pray it every week. Or more. I used to pray it every single day. For years. I based the Rosary For Warriors upon this prayer. Whether I pray the rosary or not, I pray these intentions. There is a phrase in the prayer that comes from the Psalms, Number 25 specifically. In it the psalmist prays, “Do not let me be put to shame, or let my enemies triumph over me.” It includes the affirmation that his hope, our hope, is in the Lord God.

I have found myself praying those words from the Psalm a lot for the past several days. The horrors uncovered in my Church of late have prompted that prayer. Among many others. But I know that there are many good people in the Church, in the body of Christ. We are not alone on this journey and I hope those of us who are feeling betrayed, disgusted, and disillusioned will be reminded that we belong to Christ and that we do have one another, those of us loving God and their neighbor, to cling to, to depend on, to support through prayer and lots of other ways.

As I look at the prayer I composed, I realize that more than just the line from Scripture are appropriate for our current situation. I would add religious leaders to the last part of the prayer now, though. And I would add humility to wisdom in that same portion of the prayer. For we are in a war, not against flesh and blood, but against an enemy that threatens our souls and salvation. But remember that this is not an age old battle between good and evil with an undetermined ending. We know good wins! The sad reality is that evil isn’t nearly as strong as good, but nevertheless entices too many over to its side.

To continue the military metaphor, the good has a Commander, God, who is omnipotent. The enemy does not. The good has a God who created everyone and everything; He spoke it all into being. And He gave us, out of His infinite love and mercy, free will. We get to choose to follow Him and all that is fruitful, productive, and yes holy, or to turn our backs and follow the wide road to perdition.

The “deployed Soldiers” could be our shepherds and other religious leaders, both ordained and among the laity who remain untainted by the sins we have learned so much about of late and who remain firm in their faith in our Triune God, “bloodied but not bowed”. There are too many wounded spiritually and physically, too many victims. This prayer is now a dual purpose prayer.

I humbly ask that you continue to pray for our actual Military Troops who are deployed and who have been and will be again. And pray for their families, as well. But it certainly works, with a few alterations, for the Church, as well.

I offer this prayer to help encourage and to bring us strength in our souls. God is with us. That is the truth. Do not be afraid. Our hope is in the Lord.

Dear Lord,

Please protect our deployed Soldiers. 

Heal the wounded, both spiritually and physically. 

Bring those who have ‘laid down their lives for their friends’ to Yourself. 

Comfort those who mourn. 

Please give strength to the waiting, wounded, grieving and 

anticipating families. 

May there be peace in the world; 

prosper the work of our


Do not let us be put to shame or let our enemies triumph 

over us. 

Have mercy on the victims of war. 

God bless our nation. 

Give wisdom (and humility)  to our leaders-civilian and military (and religious), elected and appointed- that they may govern in ways that are pleasing to You. 

We ask all these things in Your Holy Name. 


A song I find inspirational…


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