“Let nothing disturb,

Let nothing trouble you,

All things are passing;

God alone remains…” – St. Teresa of Avila

I just love these words of wisdom and great comfort from this 16th century mystic. I have a card with this printed on it and I love this reminder for when life’s unexpected trials and challenges come out of nowhere to try to interrupt our peace.

Don’t let them. Recall the words from this wonderful woman of God. St. Teresa said we have a castle within. Our soul is meant to be a castle – a safe place, deep within where God abides. Our love of Him and our dependence on Him are undisturbed in that castle.

There is, of course, great power within and great peace because our Lord dwells there. This is such a profound reality that it can overwhelm a person (me!) until we realize that God is love so that the power there will always be for the good of others, our world, however big or small that might be, and ultimately then ourselves.

The title in quotes for this post: that’s Teresa of Avila, too. Thankful to God for a woman like this who encourages us all.


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