Today, as God would have it, I heard the above song on the radio as I was driving home from a trip to the adoration chapel at a nearby church. I found it speaking to me and found it on YouTube soon after I arrived home. As some of you who follow me know by now, songs are one of my favorite ways to come closer to God.

I also noticed once I got home that someone had posted the following poem on Facebook and I want to share that, as well. Since I’ve discovered that I seem to be, at this point in my life, more of an encourager than an evangelist, I am sharing two other artist’s creations today. And that’ s OK. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I’ve helped someone else feel a bit better about his or her life today! Maybe you’ll feel a little closer to God after listening or reading. I hope you see the common thread in these two selections. God bless you and enjoy the song and the prayer!

Dear heavenly father,

I feel as if the walls

Of my mind are closing

in upon me.

My head is filled

with negativity.

Help me, Father,

Free me, Lord

from this prison of

negative thoughts.

I don’t want to expect the worst

from situations or people.

I don’t want to lose hope.

But my wounds and

my weakness limit me.

So I go to the only place

where I might have

a fighting chance.

In your presence.

I begin to see the light.

In Your Word

I find the Rock to grab hold of.

Cleanse me Lord,

Free my mind

just as only you can.

Free my soul,

let me be free

to be me again Father,

filled with hope,

alive in love.

In Jesus’ name,



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