My husband, Sean, and I have been traveling across the western United States for a retirement vacation for the past few days. The last two were spent in Yellowstone National Park. The vistas are amazing pretty much anywhere you look. A magnificent place like Yellowstone helps you realize how small you are as an individual person.

It is sobering, humbling, and made me feel incredibly grateful as I marveled at the majesty and beauty of God’s creation. The natural world is so incredible. Sean made the observation that, while we have seen the amazing cathedrals of Europe and artwork and architecture there that has been breathtaking and memorable, the views we experienced today are every bit as awe inspiring and as impressive. We both decided, maybe even more beautiful and breathtaking than anything mankind has created.

I was grateful for his insight and it really did make me realize and appreciate more deeply what God has given us in the way of material goods. Everything is made to give God glory. The sun, moon, stars, the mountains, the meadows, valleys, wild flowers, moss, bison, elk, bears, geese, eagles, and chipmunks all were created to praise God, the Creator of it all. And God is the Creator of us and we were created to give Him praise! And because we are unique in all creation – able to reason, and question, and give selfless, unconditional love, and to know that God exists and created us – we can be grateful as we praise Him unceasingly in all we say and do.

I have posted this song before, on Good Friday. But I’m sharing again because I have come to understand at a deeper level, what the song is saying to us, reminding us of: a God whom we must glorify because we know He has made us out of love. We can come to know that He is love. Just like the Bible says.

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