What I do is the former. But I so want to do the latter! I have been studying and researching, in addition to the much more important praying about, and expecting the big day will come, when I get to do that.

I am involved in all sorts of little projects that allow me a quick sortie into the evangelist’s world. But I quickly run back to home base. Not sure why the opportunities aren’t as frequent as I desire. I’m sure it’s got to do with God’s timing, blah, blah, blah…

Kidding. I know it does. And I’m probably just not ready for evangelizing yet. So I continue to encourage. That’s what my blog is for; that’s what my Facebook posts, which are often quotes of the inspirational variety are intended to do, as well. Please don’t send me a Facebook friend request. I’m really trying to keep those friend numbers at a reasonable level! Thanks, though, for considering it, if you were! That’s why I wrote my book.

So, back to this encouraging vs. evangelizing conundrum. I will not give up trying where and when I can to share the Good News of God’s love for us. I will not stop praying for the opportunities to do so. The Reverend Richard Neuhaus says that it’s OUR job, all of us who are Christian believers, Christ followers, to “tell the world its own story.” So many don’t know it. That’s evangelization! Why would we not feel we have the ability to tell people who are in the dark? It’s an amazing story of high adventure, and full of beautiful ladies, some of whom are “damsels in distress,” but some are men in distress. In fact, almost everyone, male and female, are in distress, until the Hero of our story comes in and ‘saves the day.’

It’s a story of sacrifice and often unrequited love. Our Hero loves us all with everything He is, but so many don’t know or don’t care. How sad is that? Why would you not love Him?! Well, there are lots of reasons, I suppose. And then, also a real challenge, some of those who do love Him are not personally interested in sacrificing to help Him out.
See, our Hero is on a Mission. The House of God has sent Him on the Mission and when He has to leave us eventually, (though He leaves an Advocate behind to help us in unimaginable ways), the Hero passes the Mission on to us! US! How can that be? WHAT was He thinking? What was the Lord of the House thinking?

But that’s the salvation story, an amazing, unbelievable to some, salvation history. And it starts not with “Once upon a time…”, but with “In the beginning…” It’s sometimes rather plodding in the earlier chapters, but it really picks up in the middle and the final chapters are downright white knuckle intense. The second part of the book has an innocuous enough beginning, but the momentum gathers throughout until the reader or listener will be spellbound as the story unfolds. There are moments near the very end of our Hero’s time on earth that lead us to believe, upon first hearing/read, that things are unraveling fast and there is no hope for Him, nor will He be able to save mankind! Real page turner stuff!

But then there is the “deus ex machina” moment when the Hero returns from the dead and saves us all. From generation to generation. The Hero is a real Leader, too; a perfect example of Servant Leadership in everything He said and did, before and after His return.

And, best of all, it does have an actual “happily ever after!” Why is it I grapple with sharing the world’s own story when it’s so gripping and fascinating? There’s obviously something wrong with my storytelling skills. I will continue to work on them. I have some time yet, I hope. If you have any ideas on how I can evangelize and not just encourage, I’d love to hear them!!

God bless us, every one!

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