I follow Father Burke Master’s blog and receive his posts each day in my inbox, as many of you do who follow me. I felt led to share this morning’s post (below) and I hope  you’ll find it as encouraging as I do.

My favorite line:  There might be times that we must kneel at the foot of the cross with Mary, not understanding completely what God is doing. Ask for the faith of Mary at those times.

I was surprised by that image because it is not the norm when I think of or talk about kneeling at Jesus’ feet. The usual scene for me is with the ‘other’ Mary, Martha’s sister, kneeling at the feet of Jesus to hear His word and indeed to be with the Word. But here, Father Burke has us kneeling in anguish and pain, with the world turned upside down, in complete incomprehension and even fear about the situation in which we find ourselves. But with Mary’s faith as our lodestar we are able to bear the arrow that’s piercing our heart, just as she did hers. And three days later at her Son’s resurrection, her faith that made Jesus’ abandonment by His followers, His torture and death bearable is validated for the rest of humanity.

And now we don’t have to fear death and we don’t have to rely on our own inadequate strength. We have witnessed, through Mary’s eyes, the Grand and Glorious Plan of the Creator and Lord of all come to fruition. So, when life’s storms are swirling around us and nothing makes sense and we feel we have nothing to cling to, we can cling, with Mary, to the cross on which her Son was crucified. And maybe our hands will touch hers as she grasps the torn, bloodied feet of her Child.

We can find hope and faith in the Blessed Mother’s hope and faith. I am grateful to Father Burke’s inspiration with those words he shared today. I am very grateful I get to share them with more people here.

When we kneel at Jesus’ feet, whether at the foot of the cross in turmoil and confusion or while He is speaking truth to us in peace and tranquility, we are drawing closer to Him. It’s been my experience that our love and gratitude grow with each encounter with the Lord.

As Jesus promised, He is with us always. His Spirit is within us. There is nothing to fear. I will try to remember that when I’m kneeling at His feet…

*          *          *         *         *         *          *         *         *          *          *         *         *          *

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