Three of the Gospel writers include the story of Jesus walking on the water. The disciples are afraid when they see Him walking toward them in all three. “Terrified” is one translation. It’s not surprising. Only in Matthew’s Gospel does Peter get out to walk, too, but takes his eyes off Jesus and begins to sink. He panics. Peter can be so impulsive.

He speaks before he thinks, acts before he thinks, too. Remind you of anyone? I am certainly reminded of someone: me! Here’s a poem I wrote about Matthew’s version of the story. It’s in my book.  Just something to ponder.

He reached out His arm,

Put out His hand.

He wasn’t angry; He wasn’t worried.

He was serene, peaceful.

Even as the waves whipped around us;

Even as the wind tore past us, through our clothes,

He was strong.

I wavered. He never did.

I hesitated. He only moved that much quicker to save me.

I cried out for help. And He was moved with compassion.

Again. For me, for everyone.

He is always looking on us in love.

He is not condemning us for our fear, our hesitancy, our lack of faith.

He is only loving us, and asking us to trust Him and His mercy.

I was so sorry I let Him down. He forgave me.

Again. Me, everyone.

He is so ready to forgive us, in His love.

Washing away our sins so that it’s like we never sinned.

Even as the world pushes in around us;

Even as we are torn by life’s choices,

He is strong.

Let Him be your strength. He always can be.

If we just ask. He’s waiting to be asked.

Don’t hesitate. He’ll move in so quickly to save you.

Cry out for help. And He will be moved with compassion.

When you get out of the boat and you start to sink,

He’ll reach out His arm for you to take His hand.


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