We attended the Veneration of the Cross service at the Ft. Riley Catholic Chapel this afternoon at 3, the time that Scripture says Jesus “breathed His last.”

It was very moving, and there was a nice sized group of us to participate and to receive the Eucharist. There were young families with babies babbling and crying. There were some obvious Soldiers there in civilian clothes, which is always nice to see in church.

I was blessed to be there with my husband and our son and his wife of less than a year. So many blessings, actually. To be on an Army post in a chapel is always a familiar and comforting feeling after 33 plus years. As we no longer live in Army quarters, it was especially nice this year.

And so, not much else I can add to this day we commemorate Jesus’ sacrifice for each of us down through the ages. I recently heard a song that deeply touches me and so I share it with you now. Please listen. I recommend that you use it as a start to prayer and contemplation of the absolutely wondrous things God has done and continues to do.

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