On babies, Michelangelo, and Shakespeare

I read a great quote this morning. I have no idea who said it, sadly. As an English Literature major I am a fanatic about citing sources and giving credit to authors. But what can you do?
So, the statement is, “”When God wants something special done in the world… He sends a baby and then… He waits.”

It’s wondrous and amazing to contemplate that thought. It is for me, anyway. God’s time is not our time. We know that from Scripture and history, the world’s and our own. Actually, it is appropriate to say that God is outside of time. He is not a being like we are or like anything else that has ever existed. Since He is timeless and omnipresent, “always was, is and shall be,” you may recall, our concept of time is not relevant where God is concerned.

But He created us in time, so we often do wait. And He, because He is infinite in mercy and compassion, waits with us. A comforting thought. It’s like a parent sitting up in the middle of the night with a sick child. Technically, mom or dad doesn’t have to sit up; they can’t really make it better (although God can, there are a myriad of reasons why He doesn’t always physically manifest that assistance, but that’s for another entry); they only give the ailing child their presence. It signifies their love and concern for that little kid. And it’s a beautiful thing.

So, there God is – with us through everything, from infancy through childhood to adulthood, and to old age, if we make it that far. I hope we always remember that. We know it, or I hope we all do. But we need to remember that. And talk to Him (prayer) and call upon Him for strength when we need it, for grace which we always need, in thanksgiving which is also a constant if we recall all He gives us every second that we exist.

OK, so that quote made me think of all these things. But then, as I was doing my morning workout on the elliptical while watching a DVD – it’s one of my habits – Bishop Robert Barron informed me that the year Michelangelo was born to eternal life, was the same year William Shakespeare was born into the world. And the words I’d read earlier this morning came rushing back to my mind.

Now, those may be two people of immense influence in our culture through the centuries and most of us cannot hope to be a world famous artist or playwright. But we can be the person God created us to be. We can strive to be the person we know He wants us to be.

I’m going to try to remember that God is waiting with me, waiting for me and to ask for His grace to make me into the creature the Creator knows I can be with His Spirit dwelling within me. I’m selling myself short if I don’t remember the Divine assistance and call upon It to make me more than I am on my own. And worse, I’m selling God short if I don’t rely on Him more.

Funny what quotes about babies and artists can bring to mind. It’s awesome, actually. And so here I am thanking God again.

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