Early in John’s Gospel there is an interesting little story about Philip introducing  Nathanael to the rabbi Jesus. I have always liked this story in part because we named our son Philip. It’s a strong name that means ‘lover of horses.’ His dad was a Cavalry officer so the meaning was also apropos, we thought. But of course there’s more that draws me to this account of Jesus recruiting some of His followers that I find compelling.

“We have found the one…” That’s what Philip announces to Nathanael. Philip is an evangelist from the very beginning of Jesus’ public ministry. And what an example his simple act can be for us all.

Out of excitement, and out of love, Philip must tell Nathanael about who he has met, and who he now knows Jesus to be. The prophets long foretold of a Messiah, the Anointed One, who would save the people. And that One has arrived!

That passion that Philip has for introducing others to Jesus is the same passion we should have as followers of Christ. And when his friend balks initially, the newest disciple follows simply with, “Come and see.”

I pray often for the Holy Spirit to “teach me what to say” if I have to defend my beliefs or share the Good News. I pray for wisdom to know the Lord’s will. I try to love everyone and condemn no one. I praise, worship, glorify, and adore God. All of that is good.

Jesus can only be encountered by a personal commitment just as it was when He walked the dirt roads and hills of Galilee. We can still lead people to Him just as Philip does in John 1:43-51. It’s done by what we say, what we do, how we love. If our lives can be shining examples of joy and peace because we know Jesus, others can and will be attracted to the Lord, as well.

Maybe it’s time I try saying, “Come and see…”

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