When we lived in Vilseck, Germany a million years ago, my daughter and I used to be part of a community theater group there. We loved to perform musicals and they were always well received. What fun we had during those years! There’s nothing like singing and dancing in public if you are prone to that sort of behavior. Musical performers soon realize that we’re in a forum where no one will think you’re crazy for dancing and singing in front of a room full of strangers. It’s the best. Generally speaking, many who perform in local theater productions really just love the stage and know that community theater is a prime opportunity for releasing all those pent up songs, dances, words, and emotions. And it’s acceptable by the audience. In fact, they will even pay to see you do those things!

One show, our last before my family moved back to the U.S, was entitled Godspell. Maybe you’ve seen it or at least heard of it. I highly recommend watching the movie version if you have the time. It won’t be nearly as wonderful as our stage production, but you will get the basic idea. And you will get to hear those lovely songs.

I was so happy to be picked by the director to sing Bless the Lord which, like the rest of the songs in the play, is based on Scripture and actually most of the lyrics are lifted right out of the Psalm 103 found in the Old Testament. Bless the Lord is another way of saying, Praise the Lord, Worship the Lord, Adore the Lord. Any and all of those things are pleasing to Him.  Blessed can also be interpreted in English as Happy.

“Blessed are the meek…” Maybe you’ve heard the Beatitudes. Remember blessed means happy. It’s not the kind of happy you experience when you hear a song you like, or eat your favorite meal. It’s not even the kind of happy you feel when you’re with the people you love, although that is much closer to being Blessed/Happy! Happiness in this instance is a kind of joy that cannot be snuffed out by the winds of misfortune or by anything or anyone. Another place in Scripture we read, “The joy of the Lord is my strength.” That’s where happiness comes from.

“Oh, bless the Lord my soul, His grace to thee proclaim and all that is within me joins to bless His Holy name.” That’s how the song starts and the Psalm starts! And it’s a beautiful way to start every day. “All that’s within me – bless His holy name!”

I love the joy in those words and in the music those words are set to in the musical. I hope that I can sing that song when my time comes to head Home. I hope I can sing that song in Heaven. It’s the closest I can get to imagining the happiness, the joy, of Heaven! Come on, join me! Let’s bless the Lord!

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