What makes something objectively beautiful? Not just people or places or even works of art. What is beauty?

Beauty reaches into the heart of the one who observes it. Beauty calms, inspires, relieves anger, anxiety, fear, even hatred. Beauty is constant, faithful, serene.

When someone experiences the beautiful they are often permanently changed. And for the better.

Beauty is a cousin of love. Like love everyone seeks it, is drawn to it, often feels unworthy of it. Love is life changing, too. And, just as with the absence of love, things fall apart, so too when beauty is missing for too long.

God is love. And though God is not beauty. God is beautiful. “But we cannot see Him,” you may respond. Of course you can. See with eyes of faith, hope, and love.

God reaches into the heart of the one who searches for Him. He gives peace, inspires, relieves and delivers us from anxiety, anger, fear, and hatred. God is constant, faithful, serene. When someone encounters God they will be permanently changed. And always for the better.

When we see something beautiful, often we want to tell others about it. Show them if we can – take them by the hand even – and lead them to it.

We want others to see what we’ve seen, experience what we’ve experienced, be changed – in such a good way -forever.

Our love of God should lead us to do all those things, too.

Our encounter with God, our relationship with Him, should move us to share what we now have with everyone around us! Jesus is calling us to do that. He is calling us to the Vineyard to use our unique talents to bring others to Beauty, to Truth, to Goodness, to God.

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