St. Paul’s conversion painting by Michelangelo reminded me that Jesus appears to him and asks, “Why are you persecuting me?” And that is enough for conversion. Oh, and probably being blinded and getting knocked off his horse helped, too! It certainly got his attention.

We are Jesus’ body.

We have His Spirit within us. We can be as powerful as that force that knocked Paul off his horse and temporarily took his vision.

That is why St. Paul can say with such confidence, “Be renewed by the transforming of your minds.” (Romans 12:2) Transforming one’s mind is another way to say conversion. He experienced it. He knows God can do it, God’s power flowing through us. Let’s do it. Let’s get out of the way, and let God’s forceful grace move through us for the conversion of those who don’t understand us, don’t agree with us, don’t know the Good News that we know. Maybe we even allow the Spirit of the Lord to convert those who persecute us.

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